This crisis is forcing us to stay at home, but not to do nothing. That is why we want to use now our Community Development System, - which we have developed for slums and rural areas in emerging countries, - to help the in lockdown gathered 1,000,000 million Rohingya Refugees in the refugee camps in Bangladesh

Bron: Disasters Emergency Committee - Guardian News - Youtube Channel


Why the Rohingya Refugee Camp?


1 Million people live in inhuman conditions

The Rohingya Refugee Camp enables us to create the highest impact with our Community Development System. 

Because with our Community Development System we believe communities thrive better personally, professionally and economically by having access to digital information like:

1 Free Digital Education        


2 Open and Secured digital                           Communication Network                                        

3 New digital Business & Employment        Opportuinities Channels     


4 New Digital Entertainment Channel                                           


Government has blocked the internet 

The government in Bangladesh has (partly) blocked the internet to the Rohingya camp in Bangladesh. As a result, the 1 million refugees can no longer communicate with their home front in neighboring country Myanmar. This makes their plight even more hopeless.


Largest Time-bomb in the world

The nearly 1 million rohingya refugees in Bangladesh camps are forming the largest time bomb the world is facing. The bizarre circumstances in which the Rohingya's live provide fertile ground for fundamentalist groups, such as: ISIS.


How will we help the Rohingya's and the involved NGOs

We will train 110 Rohingya Refugees to build the solar powered wifi-boxes

To build them, we will only use local components

Together with these refugees we will install the wifi-boxes to create the wifi network;

Then we will use this same group of refugees to train them as our sales team and get them familiar with our Micro-Credit Programme

They will sell subscriptions of EUR 1 a month for the none free content on the Aluna platform

With the revenues of this subscription they generate for themselves an income, they will reserve money to fix broken wifi-boxes within in the network and they will use it to expand the wifi-network and generate more income to themselves


What will we do for the Rohingya's and the involved NGOs? 

For Refugees

We will build and install with the refugees 360 solar powered wifi-boxes to create the wifi-network; 

We will connect 25,000 refugees and the concerning NGOs in the camp with the digital Aluna platform;

Through which 25,000 refugees have access to: 

Digital education

An open and secured Communication Network

A digital Marketplace


And Entertainment

An open and secured Communication Network for themselves and to communicate to the refugees

A digital local information provisioning infrastructure for the digital content of the concerning NGOs in the          camp

Aluna Surveys for measuring SDG Impact of the activities of the NGOs in the camp.

For the NGOs in the refugee camp:

Community Development System

Digital Content 

Aluna Platform

Digital Content for the refugees
Free Education
Khan Academy
Guggenheim Book Collection
Open & Secured Communication Network
Calling & Texting
Market Place
Books & Games
Digital Content for NGOs in refugee camps
Open & Secured Communication Network
Information Provisioning Infrastructure
Special corner for your NGO on the Aluna Platform
The collected data from the Aluna Survey Service on the Aluna Platform will be send to our servers to be visualized for your NGO in our web-portal. This way our WiFi network creates a monitoring infrastructure to measure for each project its impact on the SDGs of the UN 
Calling & Texting
Alerts, Updatas, Content Sharing


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